the history of our brand

About us

founded in 1939


Mitjans is a company located in Barcelona specialized in the design and manufacture of beach dresses, lingerie and pajamas, which with an impressive history since 1939, is in an exciting phase of European expansion. Our mission is offer a quality, modern and national product that reflects elegance in each garment we create. We are committed to inclusion, so our variety of sizes allows all women to find clothes that make them feel beautiful and confident.

In a mass market, where mass production becomes common, at Mitjans we place special value on the quality of our garments. Each one of them is the result of a careful design and manufacturing process, which allows us to offer our demanding customers a unique, high-quality garment that stands out in a world saturated with options.

Without intermediaries

National clothing
International focus

All our collections are designed and made in Spain. We manufacture and distribute 100% ourselves. We distinguish ourselves by manufacturing high-quality lingerie garments.
We are present in the national market and in European countries such as Belgium, Austria, France... Our collections are based on: Homewear, beach dresses, nightshirts, bathrobes, pajamas, etc.
We are currently in the process of expanding our network of distributors, and in full international expantion.